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Project finance (english version)

Since 1960 ASN Bank’s aim has been to invest its customers’ money in a way that contributes to a fair distribution of the world’s wealth. Not only among the various regions of the world today, but also between present and future world citizens.

In accordance with this mission, we finance projects that contribute to a sustainable society. Many of these projects help to combat climate change: they generate renewable energy or conserve energy. The projects of organisations that play a social or cultural role in the community also help us to achieve our mission.

We finance mainly large projects that require a loan of at least one million euros, with the focus on the following sectors:

1. Wind energy

We finance wind farms onshore, offshore and near shore. These vary in size from small farms with a few wind turbines to major international projects in which several commercial banks, public authorities and shareholders are involved.

2. Solar energy

We finance large solar power plants, mainly in France. We also finance solar panels that contribute to the sustainability of buildings that function as public amenities, healthcare facilities or business premises.

3. Decentralised energy supply

We finance decentralised energy generation for office and business premises, residential complexes, healthcare facilities and cultural institutions. This almost always involves thermal energy storage (TES) systems.

4. (Social) housing

By investing in housing associations, we help these non-profit making organisations to provide good, affordable, energy-efficient housing.

5. Public buildings

We finance the renovation and construction of public buildings, focusing on the sustainability and energy efficiency of the buildings concerned.

Would you like to speak to a finance specialist?

Our staff at the Sustainable Finance department will be happy to talk to you. They are available on telephone number +31 (0)70 - 356 92 88 on business days between 9.00am and 5.00pm. Or send an email to

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